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WHAT I LOVE_ Making projects successful and attractive is what drives me. Tackling different challenges and bringing the right people together are what I love.


WHAT I DO_ With a background in Mathematics and ICT in Business, courses and training in programming, data science, finance, organisational psychology and lean practices, hobbies in design, music, languages and event planning, I would like to call myself multifaceted with an eye for detail, process and experience optimisation.


My latest motto would be: let's make it happen! 

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After finishing my 'vwo' cum laude on Curaçao, I moved to The Netherlands for the bachelors programme Mathematics (with electives in computer science, psychology and finance) at the University of Leiden and Delft University.


Realising I missed business education, but also wanting to stay close to science, I went for the masters programme ICT in Business, spending free time volunteering for Science meets Business, a foundation stimulating entrepreneurship in science.

This background brought me to fields like e-commerce, customer excellence, data science, lean management and programme management in entrepreneurship (education).

Find more details on my LinkedIn page:

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