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MULTI-INTERESTED_ I'm not easily described. I like many things, I've done many things and there're still a lot of things that I'd like to do. 

ACTIVE_ Born and raised on Curaçao I was outside a lot: swimming, climbing, horseback riding and doing sports like hockey, tennis and golf. However, eventually it was ballet that stuck. 

CREATIVELY GEEKY_ Inside I liked everything to do with mathematics and natural sciences, but also languages, music and the visual arts. Whatever I did, I did it thoroughly: high in detail and with great precision. I still do.

BUSINESS-MINDED_ Having these broad interests and an eye for detail, along with a spiked interest in psychology, I came to value business processes, team dynamics, marketing and entrepreneurship in general. 


AND CURRENTLY PIVOTING_ Last year I quit my job, I quit my band, started handing over my board tasks and I just decided to no longer do design work. But here's an insight into what I've done. :)

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